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"My art aims at drawing you into this suspended state where subtle life flow creates beauty and healing. A place our soul yearns for... the one that already resides deep inside of us."

Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Chantal is an abstract painter working out of her studio in Montreal.

She has won eight (8) awards in the last two American Arts Awards, an international art competition juried by 25 galleries and museums in the United States for art work from the Faith and the Elements series and a silver medal in the 44th International CAPSQ juried exhibition at Roma Galleria Della La Pigna in Vatican, Rome for her abstract art work from the Prana serie.


 Her painting " The Angel Within" was selected for The Healing Power of ART, curated by Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts International and she won an Award of Excellence. The Artist's Magazine gave her an Honorable Mention Award in its July 2016 issue.


Her art has been exhibited in the juried Red Dot Art Fair during the Art Basel Miami Art Week 2016. She has also exhibited at the Women in Art 2017 and 2016 international curated shows held by the Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York, NY, by the Bauhaus Prairie Gallery, at the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, the Montreal Visuals Arts Centre and at the Roma galleria La Pigna at the Vatican in Italy.


 She was recently commissioned  by a non-profit organization to paint special ceiling tiles for display at the Ste-Justine Children's Hospital.


 Chantal Leblanc creates light-filled abstract paintings that are powerful and life-affirming. She achieves an ethereal atmosphere through juxtaposition of soft strokes of muted colors with energetic vibrant hues.

She anchors  herself between series that reflect her need to ground herself and to connect with others as she evolves in synchronicity with her heart.

 Influenced by expressionnists, Chantal's creative approach begins as a subtractive and intuitive process as she allows bursts of vibrating colors to emerge which resonate and expand in depth.


"By applying very thin layers of glazes and washes, I allow movement to emerge. In this dance, I seek pulsation, shift and vibration in physical elements..."


"...By harnessing the tension between opposites, I want to freeze the moment while it is still a the state of becoming... to capture that energy, nature's energy.It aims at drawing the viewer into a suspended state, where subtle life flow creates beauty and healing. That place our soul yearns for, the one that already resides deep inside of us. "

With these emotions she carries into her work, she hopes to evoke a reaction and connect with you.

" My creative process runs deeper than creating a piece of art. It is who I am, it draws me in and it is my connection, I hope, to viewers".


Chantal's art can be found in private collections in Canada and Europe. Most of her paintings are available through La Galerie Le Bourget in Montreal, Canada and through Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well. 

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