Silver Medal Abstract: Prana Collection, Vatican, Roma, Italia

Like pebbles on a beach, in my search for inner peace, my Prana collection evolved as I opened my heart to new beginnings. This Honor awarded by a jury which comprised the Papale-Papale Vatican Magazine Director, amongst reputable art professionals is particularly important to me as through the intuitive depiction of purely abstract forms, it aims to shift the viewer's attention so he can feel a life energy in matter.

Award of Excellence, The Healing Power of ART 2016, The Angel Within

Great News !!!! My painting, The Angel Within, recently won an Award of Excellence in the Healing Power of ART 2016 , a juried annual event curated by Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts International. This exhibition celebrate the importance of art in the healing process of individuals, society and the planet. Creating art has had, not only, a profound healing impact on me, it has allowed me to find my true voice and my truth. #ArtAwards

My Art Showcased by Manhattan Arts International

I am delighted to join the Manhattan Artis International Artist Showcase Gallery. Curated by Renee Phillips, author, entrepreneur, curator, writer and art critic, this wonderful plateforme rewards and promotes artists from around the world in its curated online art gallery program and social media network. Under the direction of its founder Renee Phillips, Manhattan Arts promotes artistic excellence in its curated online art programs.

Featured alongside wonderful artists

Featured in this article alongside other incredible artists whom I admire very much Elaine Hunter, BC, Gaya, Toronto, Joanne St-Cyr, Quebec and Frantisek Strouhal, western Canada. Learn more about us by following the link .

Winner American Arts Awards 2016

American Arts Awards, juried by the USA's Best Galleries Floral Impressionism My Voice: 3rd place The Angel Within: 4th place Human Naive- Figure Skipping Ropes: 4th place #ArtAwards

Join Me Opening Night Preview Party !!!!

Join me at artblend November 30, (6pm -10pm) for the Opening Night Preview Party !!!!! Claim your free tickets to get you into both Spectrum Miami and Red Dot at: #MiamiArtBaselWeek2016

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