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Feathering Knots,  Mixed Media, 36"x 72"

"She took a walk inside,

Where light of soul resides.

As she untangled each knot,

Of broken pieces, woven thoughts,

She breathed-in space for her mind,

Silenced beliefs, dreams that blind.

She feathered carefully forward,

Each step, hesitating, awkward,

She took a walk inside,

Where light of soul resides.

Will YOURS strike the surface, will you meet it too,

When you unwind, untie and begin to be true." 

The Mist,  Mixed Media, 36"x 72"

In progress ...




"Falls a dream curtain, a thin veil,

Of hung water and blurred air,

The unseen is gently felt,

As the unspoken silently wept...

Lost in reverie, I hold my breath."

The Mist, by Chantal Leblanc

Road to You,  Mixed Media, 50"x65"
Midsummer Dream, Mixed Media, 36"x60" 
Letting Go, Mixed Media, 36"x60"
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