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Chantal Leblanc Artist

My art aims at drawing you into this suspended state where subtle life flow creates beauty and healing. A place our soul yearns for... the one that already resides deep inside of us.

 My creative approach is mainly intuitive as I allows bursts of vibrating colors to emerge which resonate and expand in depth and allow movement to emerge. In this dance, I seek pulsation, shift and vibration in physical elements...By harnessing the tension between opposites, I want to freeze the moment while it is still in a the state of becoming... to capture that energy, nature's energy.It aims at drawing the viewer into a suspended state, where subtle life flow creates beauty and healing. That place our soul yearns for, the one that already resides deep inside of us. 

With these emotions I carry into my work, I hope to evoke a reaction and connect with you.

reative process runs deeper than creating a piece of art. It is who I am, it draws me in and it is my connection, I hope, to you.

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