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Let "Greenery" uplift your Spirit

Pantone has announced Greenery as the Color of the Year.

Every year Pantone selects a color that reflects the current cultural climate. This color will then typically influence all facets of design.

Although some will argue Greenery reflects grass and a return to vegetarian trends and the go-green movement, I personally feel there is more to it than just the color of nature.

Green is the color of the heart chakra, the seat of compassion, not only for others, but ourselves as well.

This chakra cultivates deep self-love and the possibility of something larger : compassion towards one another as our greatest goal.

Given the dramatic events which unfolded in 2016, this color is particularly relevant. For those of you who have felt overwhelming grief in 2016, who have been unable to feel connected to your greater purpose and fellow men and have felt lonely and isolated, this color is for you.

A marketing tool ? Perhaps, but I choose to think there is a greater force at hand that prompts each and everyone one of us this year to focus our attention to what binds us together as humans as opposed to what tears us apart.

As one would expect, not everyone is ready to open their hearts, as they tend to the needs of lower chakras.

Pantone's competitors have proposed much more "subdued tones" of greys advocating Greenery may be too "strong" a color.

Be that as it may, for me, Green evokes my senses and draws me onto a path that opens my heart to what connects me to you and mother earth.

It is the color of contemplation, the color I see when I close my eyes and abandon myself to my life source: my breath.

Green hues, which circle around me, soothe my fears and gently remind me, I am not alone.

Green gives me courage and spiritual energy as I instinctively grow into spirit.

Accordingly, this color is often found as an accent color in my artwork as seen in the images reproduced here. A touch of green can become a great focal point and does not have to be overbearing to be effective.

How does this color feel to you ?

Chantal l

I would love for you to share your thoughts.

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